Teeth are an important part of our body. They not only give shape to our face, but also add beauty to our smile. Orthodontists work towards helping their patients with:

  • Reducing/closing gaps between the teeth
  • Teeth alignment
  • Treating for crooked teeth, to give them proper shape.
  • Ability to bite well and chew well
  • Improve pronunciation or speech
  • Addressing health of gums and teeth for long time
  • Teeth trauma
  • Preventing wearing of teeth.

While addressing a patient’s needs, it is very necessary for an orthodontist to choose right instruments depending upon the type of treatment the patient needs. Using standard orthodontic instruments when treating the patient is very essential. Also, every dentist needs to understand and ensure proper infection control in their practice. Finding proper dental sterilization equipment makes this easy, giving dentist a peace of mind.

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With several dental product suppliers in the market, it is difficult to choose your orthodontic instruments supplier. As an orthodontist, my question will always be, whom to trust and where can I procure genuine dental products/equipments to provide best dental services for my patients. While we specialize in periodontics, I keenly look for periodontal instruments and laboratory equipment suppliers.

Being a dental practitioner for past few decades, I have noticed a tremendous growth in number of dental clinics in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States in the past few years. I typically used to spend 8-12% of my time looking for trusted dental equipment suppliers in and around Hyderabad and Vizag, for both of my branches.

There were few problems with these suppliers like couldn’t find the proper brands, no proper service, no timely delivery etc., Once we faced these kinds of issues, I had to start it over and find a new vendor.

To serve the needs of dental clinics like ours, we don’t have enough dental equipment suppliers in the market. We have to rely on surgical equipment suppliers for all our dental equipment needs. However, for the past few years, there is a surge in number of dental instruments suppliers.

Very few focuses in maintaining branded products and have exceptional delivery service. Focusing on bringing the dental products to online platform has made our lives much easier. While we used to spend 8-12% of our time, now we can say, it takes less than 5 minutes in searching for the products that we are looking for and less than 10 minutes to place the orders.

A few of the best quality and top branded orthodontic instruments / products suppliers in India are:

  • PinkBlue
  • fordentist
  • Deccan Dental Depot 
  • Just Dental Supplies

While I am not worried about suppliers of dental products or equipments for my clinics/hospitals, what keeps me worrying is the service and delivery. The following are the key checkpoints I look for, when I am trying to choose a vendor for my clinic/hospital:

  • Ease of placing orders
  • Ease of searching for the brands/products
  • Availability of wide range of brands to choose from.
  • Ability to quickly get an overview about a new brand or product
  • Of course, I would definitely look for offers
  • Most important, on-time delivery
  • Return policy

These factors help me to narrow down on the best dental equipment supplier.

While all the suppliers try their best to keep themselves up in the market, I prefer to stick with a trustworthy vendor, who provide best services and fall into my above preferences. I would recommend any of my peers to follow this strategy, so they can continue to gain their patients’ trust while providing dental services.

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Presence of dental e-commerce businesses encourage online purchase of dental equipments and products for their ongoing general dentistry needs. These endodontics suppliers also bring great advantage to customers like us.

An e-commerce dental equipments supplier with a handy mobile app for ordering products or equipments, keep us fingertips away from placing orders. Giving us competitive advantage, a few suppdental liers offer free shipping services.

As a Practicing dentist, I would prefer to order from a store (online/offline) which is a one-stop-shop for all my dental equipment needs for general dentistry.

Personally, I would prefer to give best dental services to my patients to marketing my services. Our priority is always to keep good smile on our customer’s face.

fordentist, a dental equipment suppliers company based out of Hyderabad, have a wide range of branded products listed out on their website. Right from Dentsply to 3M to Coltene, they have very good dental product brands with them.


I tried ordering a few of them initially, and was really happy with their exceptional service and on-time delivery. Have been ordering my products with them for past couple of months. They seem to handle all the orders professionally and ensure the products are delivered on time.  fordentist mobile app available on Android and iOS has made my life much easier.

I can place my orders quickly and focus more on giving best service to my patients. I strongly recommend fordentist for any dental equipments or product needs for general dentistry.